I’m standing for the Brexit Party to stop the EU overturning democracy as they did in my native Denmark

My article for BrexitCentral on how watching the experience of Danes being forced to vote again after voting against the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 has convinced me we need to push back against a political establishment that doesn’t want Brexit.

“In June 2016, unlike most in this country, I felt that I had seen it all before. It took me back to 2nd June 1992 when the Danish people stood up to the might of the European establishment and voted ‘No’ to the undemocratic Maastricht Treaty. I was part of that campaign in Denmark and the sense of relief and elation in 2016 was on par with what I had felt over two decades before.

“The relief, however, was short-lived. We were lulled into a false sense of victory by the political class. What is happening in the UK now also happened in Denmark in 1992: the establishment did not like the answer the people gave them, so we were forced to vote again based on threats and spurious promises.”

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