Brexit must allow us to quit the Common Fisheries Policy and take back control of our fishing waters

Writing for BrexitCentral, I argue that the UK’s once-great fishing fleet has been devastated by EU rules. When we leave the EU, we must leave the Common Fisheries Policy.

“If you take a place like Fleetwood in Lancashire, which was once England’s third biggest fishing port, it now has no full-time fishermen left with the last remaining trawlerman recently putting his boat up for sale. This is absolutely disgraceful considering the fishing industry in Fleetwood used to employ 11,000 people. The decimation of the fishing trade is not only disastrous for coastal communities, but has economic implications for the whole country. British fishing communities may have had the backs of the Westminster elite turned on them for the past forty years, but this will not be the Brexit Party’s response.”

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