About Henrik

I was born in Denmark in 1959. My father was a leading campaigner against Denmark joining the European Economic Community, which it did in 1973.  In 1992, I was co-chairman of the ‘No’ campaign in the Danish referendum on the Maastrict Treaty.

I qualified as a dentist in Copenhagen in 1993. I moved to the UK in 1996 and started NHS Dentist – a dental practice in Fulham in 1999 with my British-born wife, Sharon Bierer.  We have two children and live in London. Our daughter, Laura Bierer-Nielsen, is director of policy and research at Labour Leave.

In 2013, following a 2012 holiday in Burma, my wife and I founded a charity, Burmadent, to provide dental services in the Inle Lake area of Myanmar, Burma.

In 2015, I was elected as chair of the General Dental Practice Committee (GDPC) and the British Dental Association (BDA), having previously been the vice chair.  I was re-elected in January 2019.  

In April 2019, it was announced that I would stand as a Brexit Party Member of the European Parliament (MEP) candidate for the North West of England and I was elected on 23 May.